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Video Time

all of the sights, sounds, and sensations that I experienced over the last semester. Sitting here nearly three months removed from my time abroad, I find myself asking weather or not it was all just a dream! As I avoided … Read More

An April of Adventure

Friends, Family, it has been a hot second since I have sat down and tried to write an update on my travels through Middle Earth. And I still am sort of avoiding that as you will see shortly below…(wink) I … Read More

Unplan Your Life

If you have ever traveled with me you know that I love planning trips. The process of researching, planning, and then implementing travel plans allows me to maximize the amount of time I am spending actually doing things vs. standing … Read More

Hall of Frames

It has always been an easy task for me to identify the photos I throw away and my “keepers.” A little blurry here, gone. A little out of focus there, gone. Unless I truly feel that the image is irreplaceable, … Read More

Prioritizing my GPA

And by GPA I mean “Going Places Abroad.” Oh man it has been an eventful ~3 weeks. I don’t think I could accurately communicate everything I have experienced, nor would you want to sit and read through the book that … Read More

Insta Edits: Taupō & Tyler

I took a last-minute trip south to Taupo to meet up with my friend Tyler on his vacation. Frequent rains prevented us from fishing around the area so we traveled back up north to Hahei and got to see some … Read More

Kia Ora

After months of planning and one of the longest days I have ever had, I am finally settled in Auckland, New Zealand! My journey started Tuesday at 4:30am — thanks to Hailey’s willingness to wake up and drive me to LAX … Read More

Odds, Ends, and Dividends

After running through my mental checklists and putting my REI dividends to good use, I am officially geared up for some high adventure. When it comes to picking and choosing what gear I will take on a trip it is quite the challenge. … Read More

Insta Edits: Laguna Beach

When I am packing for a trip I often find myself debating whether or not I should bring my camera gear. The extra weight and space seems like a burden in my mind, and there is always something said for … Read More