Video Time

It is easy to forget

all of the sights, sounds, and sensations that I experienced over the last semester. Sitting here nearly three months removed from my time abroad, I find myself asking weather or not it was all just a dream! As I avoided my Spanish homework and browsed through my videos and pictures, I genuinely have to remind myself that "hey... this isn't stock footage. You took this."


Many people would argue that having a camera in your face all the time can take you out of the moment and get in the way of great experiences. For me it is nearly the opposite. My photography and videography allows me to take a moment and stretch its life out forever -- and to share some of the feelings with you. Sitting down to edit this video took me back to so many laughs, oohs, ahhs, and friends. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together, and if you ever need some travel tips for New Zealand I have a very well documented list of recommendations for you! I think putting together a NZ guidebook for college students would be a fun endeavor... so maybe I will give that a go for my next big project!


Even though I am finally settled back in Tulsa, I still have one or two posts about my experience in Auckland up my sleeve. Per usual I am a little backlogged with photos and videos -- I have some incredible photos from a recent trip to the Tetons that I hope to get around to posting soon so look forward to those!

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