Hall of Frames

It has always been an easy task for me to identify the photos I throw away and my "keepers." A little blurry here, gone. A little out of focus there, gone. Unless I truly feel that the image is irreplaceable, it only takes the smallest imperfection for me to flag it rejected. What I do with all my keepers is a little harder for me. Something I love about photography is that there are emotions, stories, and memories tied to each of my images. Just by looking back on my photos I am able to experience the amazement and power of a mountain sunset, or the beauty and pureness of love. It is these feelings that make picking out my "favorite" photos a bit tricky. The most powerful image in my collection may be something that is not particularly spectacular to the general viewer.


That's why as I sat down with two friends, Anna and Josh, I asked them for some help building my Hall of Frames. With no kind of attachment to my photos they were able to give me feedback on what struck them as a great image. Due to my pickiness this still took hours, but I think the end result is well worth it -- thanks friends! I have put together a very small collection of images that I think tell a story about the parts of life that I tend to capture most. I think that this page illustrates my style of photography very well, and is a good representation of what I am trying to create as I look through my viewfinder. I hope that you are able to get as much enjoyment out of it as I do!

You can check out my Hall of Frames from the website menu or home page, or just click here.

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