Welcome, and a Bit On The Name

Hey! My name is Drew, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. This is a little untraditional for me as I am really not much of a writer… but fortunately “a picture is worth a thousand words”┬áso I figured I will just replace poor grammar with some photos when writer’s block sets in (my english teachers don’t approve of this approach). I started this website/blog for two primary reasons:

I am often found with my zip-off pants and camera in hand


1) I wanted a way to share my experiences through visual storytelling with the people around me.


2) It is apparently a rule that if you go out of the country for over a week you need to

blog about your life’s paradigm shift.


If you have known me at any point in time, you know that I love telling a good story. Whether it is with words, pictures, or videos, being able to create an (often a dramatized) image in someone’s mind has always brought me great joy. As my photography and videography skills continued to develop, I began looking for a better platform for my work and a unique way of sharing my stories. Being an Instagram fanatic, I quickly turned to creating a second account for more consistent posting — and of course I needed to come up with a play-on-name to compete with @PortsAuthority. Portpholio was the perfect name because it checked my two boxes: It communicated a bigger concept, and it had my name in it. When I think about an artist’s portfolio, I see a collection of different pieces all working together to tell one story, much like I see Portpholio being a collection of different experiences that tell my story.


Currently, I am lucky enough to go to school in one of the most picturesque locations in the world, that’s right, Tulsa Oklahoma. Though, I am sorry to say you will have to wait a while before you get experience the Sooner State through my site. For the next 5 months, I will be studying in Auckland, New Zealand and exploring the wonders of kiwi culture and Lord of the Rings-worthy landscapes. There are a few plans and many surprises waiting for me along this journey. My goal is to capture the moments in a way that friends, family, and I can look back on with amazement and thankfulness.


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